Thursday, December 1, 2011

Urban Decay Beauty Bundle from Beautylish

+ note from Jasmine (aka Jazziebabycakes!)

Last month, I won an Urban Decay beauty bundle from Beautylish. Please check out their site if you haven't already. It is a wonderful beauty community filled with reviews, photos, and videos all in one place. The team themselves post helpful tips and inspiration everyday and are very friendly on twitter. I hope someday to finally meet them in person at one of their awesome events! Anyway, I wanted to show you swatches of the goodies I received as I've been wanting to try most of it myself! Hit the jump for a mega photo post.

24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil Stash

From my experience, these shadow pencils are great. They really do glide on the skin without skipping, are creamy for just enough time to work with it until it sets completely. Once it dries, it stays put, doesn't crease, and won't budge until you want to remove it. They work wonders as a base too.
  • Delinquent - dark purple with bright purple sparkles
  • Rehab - shimmery taupe brown
  • Juju - shimmery light brown, frosty version of Rehab
  • Sin - frosty soft peach
  • Clash - bright blue with silver sparkle

swatches (from left to right): Delinquent, Rehab, Juju, Sin, Clash
ingredient list
Delinquent (focused)
Rehab (focused)
Juju (focused)
Sin (focused)
Clash (first two swatches) vs Electric (last swatch)

I think in terms of texture and application, Clash is slightly creamier than Electric, which can apply a bit streaky sometimes. The silver sparkle in the latter is a bit less apparent too, otherwise, both colors are nearly identical.

I did not realize that buying the travel size set of the Shadow Pencils was such a good deal. I bought most of my full sized ones discounted, but still. One full size pencil is 20$ and this set of five smaller ones is 34$. Plus, there isn't much of a difference between the two sizes; a full size is 2.8 g (0.10 oz) whereas a travel size is 2.5 g (0.088 oz) of product. So unless you really want an individual color, I'd totally go for the set. 

size comparison of Delinquent (used, never sharpened full size vs new, unused travel size)
really cute USB drive with Beautylish's logo
Sparkling Lickable Body Powder in Marshmallow
"do not ingest"
I love the pattern on the box, it's really pretty
powder poof on top
I know it's the point, but this stuff smells awfully tasty
ingredient list
it's like a glitter bomb of marshmallow goodness
I couldn't resist capturing the inside of the top!
liquid liners and lip gloss
Lip Love Honey-Infused Lip Therapy in Stung
ingredient list

I love how short the ingredient list is for the Lip Love tube. The gloss itself applies with a hint of color, doesn't feel sticky, and feels really smooth on the lips. It lasts surprisingly well on the lips too, ate dinner with it on last night and I didn't have to reapply. Although I'm not too keen on the smell, it's not bothersome.

angled tip applicator
swatches (from left to right): Bobby Dazzle, Revolver, and Stung
24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliners

The liquid liners are awesome! I honestly didn't think I'd like them too much considering my history with Urban Decay liquid eyeliners.. But these didn't sting my eyes at all! I was really scared to try them on my eyes, but I was fine. Maybe my skin's toughened up, or the formula simply became more tokki-friendly. Either way, I hope this lack of burning sensations sticks around for me. Bobby Dazzle, is like a silver, almost white color with iridescent sparkle and Revolver is a dark gunmetal gray with multi-colored iridescent sparkle (that's more obvious compared to Bobby Dazzle). Both apply with nice pigmentation but can be sheered out if desired. They take longer to set compared to the shadow pencils, but once dry, these don't budge either!

Bobby Dazzle (brush applicator)
Revolver (brush applicator)
Bobby Dazzle (focused)
Revolver (focused) -- I know it's not apparent here, but the sparkle is very pretty when it catches light.

Overall, I loved my package from Beautylish! I attached the USB to my mini lip gloss and carry it around in my purse now. And of course, the tee is really comfy! This time, the decals came on the sleeve instead of the back. Many thanks goes out to Beautylish for the lovely gifts~!

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