Thursday, January 12, 2012

Black Knight by butter LONDON

Black Knight was a holiday release from butter LONDON that looks absolutely gorgeous in the bottle. It is a black based polish packed with blue, magenta, and silver glitters. If you'd like more details on the packaging, click here for the Victoriana review. Otherwise, hit the jump for more photos and swatches!

Typically, a butter LONDON nail lacquer will set you back 14$, so it isn't a very affordable brand. I saved a little over 4$ when I bought this color during a discount/sale period, but the shipping was about 7$ anyway, so I didn't save much.

swatches: the Black Knight (3 coats) + Seche Vite (1 coat)

The polish itself is absolutely gorgeous, but I wasn't over the moon about its application. The black base has a jelly consistency and is more like a transparent charcoal that you need to build layers with. Sometimes glitter will clump up the brush after a few applications. There's no issue with glitter payoff, but if you don't use a dark base color before Black Knight, you'll need about 3 coats of it for opacity. Now, I wouldn't care too much about this (nitpicky) aspect if it wasn't for how heavy my nails feel afterwards. It's actually not a huge deal, my nails just feel like they have thick coats on and I don't like it. Plus, even with a top coat like Seche Vite, the finish doesn't feel completely smooth. The finish feels much better with lesser coats of polish.

swatch on thumb: Black Taxi (2 coats) + the Black Knight (2 coats)
ingredient list
the Black Knight without the over-cap
dat bokeh~* :B

I think Black Knight is a great layering glitter nail polish that is also quite pretty, but is best used with a dark base color prior to application. If it's anything like other butter LONDON polishes I've tried, the wear should be fantastic with little to no tip wear, considering that there's plenty of glitter in this one.

tokki rating: B

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