Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nails Inc the Old Vic Collection

Essie Clearly Matte (on middle finger)

Sephora offers three different pairs of nail polish overglazes from Nails Inc: the Wyndham, Donmar, and Old Vic Collections. This will just be a review of the Old Vic Collection that I purchased and previously posted about here.

It should be noted that Sephora's description on what the set contains incorrectly lists the description from the Wyndham Collection. The Old Vic Collection includes two nail polishes: 
  • Black Taxi - creamy, opaque black
  • the Old Vic - overglaze top coat (blue flakes)

the Old Vic over Black Taxi with Essie Clearly Matte (on index); the Old Vic over Black Taxi (on middle); the Old Vic (on pinky)
Black Taxi & the Old Vic
Black Taxi alone (on thumb); the Old Vic over Black Taxi (on middle)
the Old Vic over Black Taxi with Seche Vite top coat

Black Taxi
 has a thick formula which sometimes feels goopy and applies streaky if there isn't enough polish on the brush. However, one generous coat can achieve opacity. The finish is a really smooth and glossy black that's hard to capture properly. Wearing it with the Old Vic and Seche Vite top coats really brings out the blue flakes.

  • the Old Vic over Black Taxi + Essie Clearly Matte (on index finger)
  • the Old Vic over Black Taxi (on middle finger)
  • the Old Vic (on pinky finger)

The Old Vic overglaze top coat applies clear and is filled with flakies that are blue or almost purple (resembling the Midnight Mist effect). It isn't meant to be worn alone, as you won't have a complete smooth finish, (and it looks quite boring at that) but I did show it for reference. In regards to these nail swatches above, I used two coats of it by itself on my pinky; two coats each on the rest of my fingers on top of Black Taxi; and three coats were applied on my thumb.

the Old Vic
ingredient list

Before testing the Nails Inc polishes for their wear, I tried the Old Vic top coat on some other nail colors I own, including Illamasqua along with mattes from Zoya and ManGlaze. The color selections weren't that great in the end, but you do get to see some varying effects with the Old Vic overglaze. Ultimately, I think a dark, opaque, solid color without any shimmer to it is best for a base color.

From left to right:

the Old Vic flakes look green on 4 coats of Zoya Phoebe (on index)
the Old Vic flakes look blue over 2 coats of ManGlaze Matte is Murder (on middle)
the Old Vic flakes look bright blue on 2 coats of Zoya Veruschuka (on pinky)
the Old Vic flakes look purple on 2 coats of Zoya Posh (on index)
the Old Vic flakes almost look nonexistent and light purple on 3 coats of Illamasqua Loella (on middle)

The wear I had with this manicure was fantastic. The photograph below shows barely any tip wear after nine whole days! I was a bit proud of the manicure and was so pleased, that I wore it past my usual seven days of wear.

tokki rating: A-

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