Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Newark with Christine & Anna

I don't write too much about my personal life on here, let alone post photos about it. But yesterday, I got to meet and spend time with two of my favorite online friends, Christine and Anna. It was somewhat last minute, as Christine and I already planned to meet for the first time Monday, but we decided to meet up with Anna in Delaware as well.

I drove to Christine's house and her room is crazy-filled with clothes! To be honest, I could probably go shopping in her room for a different outfit everyday for like six months straight. Christine is an ultimate girly girl. I need to work on being more like her when I go out, she enjoys dressing up and looking pretty. (I don't do it enough according to Frank.)

I curled Christine's hair and did most of her makeup which you can find pictures of on her Instagram account. And got a huge ego boost when she liked it after I was done!! Also, I'm sorry there are just has selcas of myself in this post.. They were taken late, after I returned home at night, and I was really tired. Plus, I didn't get any photos of Christine or Anna yesterday. (◕︵◕)

We met up with Anna at Christiana Mall in Newark, Delaware after going through three (?!) toll booths on the way there. I think she waited two hours for us, and we felt so bad. I kept telling Christine in the car that Anna is "going to kill us." T^T huhu.. Once we arrived at the mall, Christine spotted her by the Urban Decay section in Sephora, which I think is quite apt for this post. I used lots of Urban Decay on my eyes as well as Christine's, and she even had UD on her lips!

Anyway, we shuffled right over to her and started shopping. Anna had already hauled yummy Yankee Candles while waiting for us, and we went to stores like Lush and Victoria's Secret. Later, while Christine checked out H&M, Anna and I browsed the beauty counters at Nordstrom and that was really fun! Anna is so cute when she gets excited about makeup, and I for one, loooved being able to bond with someone who is addicted to makeup like me. I don't have any 'real life' friends who blog or likes cosmetics as much as I do, so that was really nice.

For dinner, Anna broke her (silly!) "no eating" diet and we ate at Cheesecake Factory. She had never been, so I was excited for her to try the foods and cheesecake! I was also scared that she might not like it though.. but it's okay! Anna enjoyed what she ordered, which was a Cuban sandwich that she ate quite neatly with utensils. Then we all got food coma before drooling over cheesecakes to take home with us.

Here's some link love to these pretty ladies~ They are both very sweet in person and online, so give them a follow!


awkward smile ftw!
close-up of the eyes

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I hope you like the makeup from yesterday! It's lovely starting off the year by finally meeting friends I constantly keep up with. I tend to be rather anti-social in actuality, but I've always wanted to meet and hang out with them, so it was a good experience for me. Maybe we can do it again sometime and actually take snapshots!! xo

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