Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dior Garden Edition Couture Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Garden Roses

I typically shy away from beauty products by Dior mainly because of their pricing, but I couldn't resist their recent spring palettes. Previously, I had been debating whether or not to actually purchase the Garden Roses quint when I saw Anna's post on the Garden Pastels version, then my decision was finalized. The colors are velvety smooth and I really like the floral aesthetic to them as well.

the packaging

From Sephora's description of the 0.16 oz palette,
"Garden Roses combines a fever of tender pinks, Parma violet, and silver, accentuated by a devastating purple."
The packaging reminded me of my dear Guerlain compact, as Dior is high-end beauty as well. The quint fits snugly into a black velvet pouch, and opens with a plastic insert protecting the mirror from eyeshadow fallout. The palette itself comes in a sleek compact with an obvious silver Dior emblem over a reflective 'CD' underneath. Parts of the letters become more or less visible depending on how the compact is held, it's quite pretty.

inside its velvet pouch
plastic insert that protects the inside of the palette
back of the palette

Onto the colors, I like the range of the soft pinks along with the silver and purple. If you like shimmery pinks and pastels, you'll like this palette. The colors themselves don't have officially designated names so I decided to number them for reference. Swatches were a breeze with these colors, all the colors are soft in texture and apply beautifully pigmented on the skin.

tokki imposed numbers
#1 (focused)

My only complaint about the quint (while ignoring how expensive it is) involves the second pink (#2) and its placement. It was the only color that doesn't seem to be as securely in place compared to the others. I would try to squish it down with a clean finger, but nothing seemed to keep the pan down. I know it's a very particular complaint, and perhaps an unnoticed detail to some, but it actually bothers me quite a bit. For such a pricey palette, I expect nothing but perfection in the placement of the eyeshadow pans.


  • #1 - pale pink 
  • #2 - paler pink than #1, almost vanilla
  • #3 - silvery taupe
  • #4 - pale lilac
  • #5 - shimmery plum purple

Garden Roses (left eye)
(right eye)
excuse the state of my brows, please!
ingredient list

Thinking that I had similar shadows from different brands, I did a few comparisons with three of the Dior colors with a few others I already own. Although I did not end up with exact dupes, Platonic Loose Colour Concentrate by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is similar to the color I labeled as #2 in the Garden Roses quint. I also compared the middle purple from the Dior palette with Urban Decay's Omen, but the former is much plummer and does not reflect blue as much as Omen does.

swatches (from left to right): Dior #1, OCC Platonic, and Dior #2
swatches (from left to right): Dior #5 and Urban Decay Omen

Other than my slight annoyance at the uneven placement of the top right pink color in my palette, I do like this purchase. The color payoff is great for all the shades, they feel like butter on the skin, and blend well together. Varying gradient eyes can be done with either the silver taupe or the center plum purple rounding out the eyes, instead of just one simple pink to purple look.

tokki rating: A

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