Monday, March 26, 2012

Nails of the Day -- Minky Mani

Towards the end of January, I wanted to try a manicure using tape for a design and some ManGlaze colors. I absolutely adore the color Mink Mitten, so I wore that again with a few accent nails. 

Fuck Off & Dye, Matte is Murder, and Mink Mitten

Products used:
  • Sally Hansen Green Tea & Bamboo Nail Strengthener (base coat)
  • ManGlaze Fuck Off & Dye (base color on thumb)
    • ManGlaze Matte is Murder (zebra stripe design + tape)
    • butter LONDON Black Knight (design)
    • Essie Pearlfection (design)
    • Seche Vite (top coat)
  • ManGlaze Mink Mitten (color on index, middle, and pinky fingers)
    • Seche Vite (top coat only on index finger)
  • OPI DS Reserve (base color on ring finger)

Pearlfection, Black Knight, DS Reserve, and Seche Vite

I wasn't too pleased with the wannabe heart shape on my ring finger in the end, but I did learn more about the effect of a glossy top coat on ManGlaze matte polish. Seche Vite accentuates and brings out the purple in Mink Mitten more, but terribly reduces wear on me. I took these photos barely a day after I did the mani and got tip wear that looked like it spent a week getting to the state it was in. If you notice my middle and pinky fingers which only have a base coat, they look perfectly fine (as they should). Personally, I don't care for a glossy coat when I'm wearing matte colors, as I don't think they should be worn with mattes to begin with. I was just surprised by the how much wear time was reduced because of a glossy top coat.

Anyway, using tape does wonders if I do it properly. I had to wait to do the design part until the next day since I always seem to ruin the base color otherwise. If you're looking for nail art inspiration, I'd refer to Nailside for wonderfully neat designs and simple, easy to follow tutorials.

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