Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shot of the Day {New Header}

lippy roll

During my last week in Chicago at the end of February, I went to a MAC Pro store and got myself a huge haul--the most I'd bought from MAC, ever. I'm usually uninterested in their collections, but ended up really loving the aesthetic of the Chen Man one: the promo images, the colors, the packaging, and the actual products themselves. The lip colors appealed to me most, and I was able to nab all of them. Plus, there were already a few other things I'd been coveting.. Anyway! I had fun shooting my newly acquired MAC products and posted a new header. Picnik was used to add the text and small designs. I'm actually kind of sad that we'll be saying goodbye to Picnik soon, I used it quite a bit, even a year ago. It was fun using it today, and it will be missed. (︶︿︶)