Saturday, April 14, 2012

MAC Scan-delicious

I recently discovered that I own about 5-6 different lip products by various brands that are all essentially the same color.. I don't know why I'm so attracted to fuchsias (cause I can barely pull off wearing it), but I am. This is the last of the three MAC Kissable Lipcolours I'll be reviewing.

Please check out the first post on Flaunting It if you'd like to see more product shots and packaging! Overall, I like Kissable Lipcolours and would like to try pinker hues. They're all wearable alone or with other lip products. The only real problem that I have with these is that product will get all over the stem of the applicator and buildup around the opening. Occasional wipe downs are necessary to keep the buildup from becoming too gross, and that just makes me feel really wasteful with a 20$ product.

ingredient list
Scan-delicious (focused)
visible blue sparkles

Of the three, Scan-delicious had the best wear on me through eating and drinking, but I still felt the need to reapply. It is a blue-based fuchsia that packs a lot of color in just one application, and wore similarly to So Vain.

tokki rating

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