Thursday, April 5, 2012

MAC So Vain

The second Kissable Lipcolour I have for you is So Vain (19$ for 0.17 oz), a color MAC describes as a "muted dirty coral." Personally, I thought this color was the least wearable on me because it makes me look really washed out. Upon testing it though, I think it looks alright after a few hours of wear.

Out of the three I have, this color is an easier one to apply despite its pigmentation. Color payoff is great, and application is more forgiving than the other two.

So Vain (focused)
ingredient list

So Vain had better wear on me through eating and drinking compared to Flaunting It, plus the settling into lip lines isn't too obvious either unless you're up close and very in my face. A lot of the glossy look fades, and I'm left with a subtle hue to my lips. Once again, the formula of these isn't particularly drying and they wear for more than four hours on me without eating and drinking.

bare lips
after 2 hours of wear with eating and drinking
So Vain

tokki rating
: A-

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