Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shot of the Day featuring "Alive" by Big Bang

If you didn't know already, I love Big Bang and 2NE1. A fair amount of the YG Family to be honest, especially since they've got Tablo now too. I've always loved K-pop, even when I got made fun of for listening to Shinhwa back in high school. It may seem silly to have been in 'the minority' for something like a music genre, but it's almost a little strange to see it be so recognizable these days. It feels like many non-Koreans listen to K-pop more than ever before, and even know more than I do about the scene. Same goes for Korean dramas too, the last one I watched was My Name is Kim Samsoon, and that was several years ago.

Back in February, I came across a tumblr that was buying Big Bang's latest mini album in bulk where the sales would help support the boys in Korea. I had already been listening to a few leaks and decided to buy a copy. I adore Korean packaging for albums in general, it's beyond most of any others I've bought in support of my favorites from either America or Canada.

my case came with a dent :(

"Alive" is an EP with seven tracks, with my favorite being "Blue." The boys have grown so much since they first debuted, it makes me proud as a loyal fangirl. ヘ(´ω`ヘ) They are one of the very few K-pop bands where I enjoy their music and genuinely like every member in some way or another. It'd be an absolute dream if I ever got the chance to meet or work with them. I'd probably pass out from being starstruck. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pic spam!

side panel of case
Seung Ri
Tae Yang
Dae Sung & Seung Ri
Tae Yang & T.O.P
close up of the case
track list