Thursday, May 31, 2012

NARS Diablo x Orgasm

After seeing this powderdoom post last week, I wanted to enter the NARS Instagram contest but found out that the submission period is now over. I didn't know when the final deadline was and looked up the terms and conditions late Tuesday night. What a mistake that was.. Limiting myself from the internet has handicapped me, I say! Here is my entry anyway, even if it doesn't count. Plus, reviews on the NARS products I used.

Orgasm Nail Polish
Diablo Lip Lacquer

The red lip color I used is a product my friend has lent me for quite some time. I think Diablo is an older release from a few years ago since I can't find the shade online other than on Amazon or eBay. It is a nice cherry red that can be very opaque yet very sheer. I had some difficulty with application since I'm lazy with lip brushes and the pot packaging isn't exactly hygienic. I used a clean 'Woodsie' (craft stick) to scoop out some product, then used a lip brush to apply the color onto my lips. The lip lacquer feels thick to the touch, but layers very smoothly. It has a rather unpleasant wax-like smell, but that's only bothersome if you're looking for something to sniff. Application wouldn't be particularly streaky as long as I had enough product on the bristles, otherwise, the lip lacquer sheers out and can look uneven.

heavy swatch
lighter swatch

Doesn't the lighter swatch look like jelly? I really like that. On the lips, you get a very glossy finish that makes them look juicy.

lip swatch

Photos of the nail polish are mixed with older shots I took back in December of last year when the bottle was brand new. The first time I wore Orgasm nail polish was around the time I met up with Anna & Christine for the first time. I remember wearing it to test, and Anna commenting on the accent nail I did with Mink Mitten as a 'Kermit' nail. Originally, I bought my bottle for 17$ (0.5 oz) last year, but the price for NARS nail polishes have increased by a dollar since then.

The color, is mostly true to its famous blush counterpart except that it often looks more like a golden peach than a golden pink. Sephora's description of Orgasm being peachy pink with gold sheen is fairly accurate, but I have to search for that pinker hue by moving my fingers about and looking at them with different lighting and varying angles. The pink is slightly more apparent when sheerer coats of polish is used. Overall, I love the color, but the drying time could use some work, and application opacity is much sheerer than I'd like. It did however have great wear, no chips and just minor tip wear after over a week of wear.

swatches (from left to right): 3 thin coats on index; 1 coat on middle; 2 coats on ring; 3 coats on pinky
'Kermit' accent finger dubbed by Anna
chip-free after 9 days of wear
ingredient list

tokki rating: Orgasm Nail Polish A- // Diablo Lip Lacquer B

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