Friday, February 21, 2014

Akira Chicago for Vertigo #HEALPI

Back in November of last year, Ginseng Nightlife collaborated in an event at Vertigo Sky Lounge to help raise funds for Haiyan relief in the Philippines. Akira Chicago hosted a fashion show and I got to be one of the models. It was kind of thrilling, anxiety-inducing, and a lot of the time I was very bored. I'm glad to have had the experience though!

makeup artist (Cristina Charvet) & hair stylist (Elizabeth Martinez)
that hairspray smelled so good!

Everyone was volunteering their time, including F, who helped photograph alongside his nightlife boss, Vic. I didn't really know anyone else there. Vic borrowed a bunch of clothes from Akira on his own dime, I got to wear a pretty blue laced dress and a silly muscle tee. I brought my own heels (coincidentally from Akira) and a pair of Black Milk leggings. It was rather pleasant getting my makeup done by someone else and it being fancy Dior products. The artist was so quick and the foundation really covered up a lot of my blemishes. 'Ooo, my skin looks nice~*' I still don't think I'll wear foundation regularly though.. it just feels so cakey, and like all my pores are drowning in product. I also got antsy about my makeup being too simple, but I tried to let it go.

I love the fishtail braid I got to wear 
I really loved this dress, I should have bought it
Kristal is so modelesque, I just had to have her on here
my Akira shirt says, 'Wang: not quite Alexander'
+ Black Milk Clothing Suspender Hoisery
mua (left) & hair stylist (right)
my jawline looks so defined :o
this girl had her makeup done and ready before she came for the event
Kristal & Vic
back in my normal garb
Dior makeup & remnants of Urban Decay's Saturated Lip Pencil in Crush

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