Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I got excited from catching that bird within the frame
Lego Lufthansa Boeing

We flew to Taiwan in January, and on the way there, we had a few layovers. First was in Frankfurt, then Hong Kong. We explored downtown Frankfurt a bit, and only ate at the Hong Kong airport. During the entire trip, I never changed out the 35mm lens, so all the wider shots aren't mine, if you can tell. I really enjoy traveling despite how exhausting it is. Just as a heads up, travel diary posts will have little to no makeup involved in their photo sets~

it was so strange seeing taxis that were Benz & BMW
cute pup on the train

In Frankfurt, there weren't turnstiles or any sort of machine that ensures you have your train ticket before you hop on. There are, however, officials who are at random stops and will check everyone on the train you're riding with for your ticket. There was a guy next to us on the train who got fined 40€ for not having his train ticket. I felt so bad for him, we would've covered for him with our day pass had we been checked afterwards. The dollar to euro conversion is mad killer..

fresh fruit stand
loved the glass architecture of the MyZeil
totally didn't know F was taking a pic
Starbucks caramel macchiato
orange Fanta tastes completely different from the one in the states--a lot more orange-y
Kinder everywhere~
inside the MyZeil
start of my foreign looting..
Germany makes it really difficult to find clean/bottled still water
5¥ & Samurai Siege in the background
the Starving Games!
there were so many stray dogs :(
I think we only took pics of this store because we use a chat app called Kik
a balcony view from one of the floors in MyZeil
these wood rocks weren't very comfy
that pony changed when we walked down here later in the day
trying currywurst
high speed rail
this ticker was ♥old fashioned♥ and had the panels that move (analog?)
at the HK airport

The layover in Hong Kong was rather short, so we mainly just walked around the airport and stuffed our faces. The milk tea there was soooo good, and food was really tasty and cheap.