Thursday, February 13, 2014


The first city we visited in Taiwan was Maokong from the Taipei train station. We rode the gondola, went to the zoo, and had delicious tea-infused foods.

delicious Lay's chicken chips & milk tea (I actually really like the chicken Fritos now)
what is dis
it was raining (crying?) from the neck down too..
we probably have too many pics like these
at the zoo, a new baby panda was recently announced
papa panda
sleeping mama panda and cub
reminds me of Princess Monoke
the stalking crowd

So you had to get a special (one-time use) to go through the queue that saw the mama and cub pandas. There were a trail of zoo workers who were very pushy about people moving as fast as possible through the line. Towards the end of it, there's a walkway that goes up to the next floor. People would just congregate there (above photo) in hopes to see the pandas wake up and move around without being hassled by workers. We went to the zoo in the morning so a lot of the animals were sleeping or lazing about. That part was kind of disappointing, but we got to see a lot of panda butt?

"pretend you're being eaten"
conqueror of hippos
I shot a better pic of these birds, but it was overexposed :‹
pygmy hippo
these two were so cute; made me miss my dogs at home
seeing penguins in their glass cages always kind of depresses me
Lieu in Chinese
adorable pingu plushies
brown bear
red panda
the Maokong zoo & stations were decked out in Hello Kitty
there were about 4-5 different patterns that decorated the gondolas
this was on the window of our first one
Taipei 101 in the distance (on the left)
there were lots of strays at the top station in the mountains
statue outside Longmen Restaurant (龍門客棧) where we had a delicious lunch

At 龍門客棧 I got their milk tea, but should have ordered the fruit tea (it looked really yummy). All of the food was fantastic, but I would love to go back and eat their tea oil-infused noodles again.

my mom used to have pet chickens
delicious Chinese sausage with fresh garlic
Hello Kitty decal on the gondola back down

The gondola lift has four stations, and spans a distance of almost 3 miles. Depending on where you wanted to get on and off, you wouldn't spend more than 5$ per person. Something like that in the states would be 20$ at least. We spent a total of 270NT, which was about 3$ each for three people.

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