Thursday, March 6, 2014


Before we made our way to Kending, we went to the bride's wedding banquet, F's father's hometown, wandered around a mall in Kaohsiung, and stopped by a man-made wetland. Kending was lovely; the weather was cool, the deserted beaches were gorgeous, and there's nothing like breathing in mountain air. Fair warning, this post is very photo heavy~

an old man yelled at me right after I took this picture at a temple--no idea why since I don't understand Chinese..
F's uncle
huge home grown cabbages
石二鍋 12sabu
delicious personal hot pot
outside FE 21 Mega Mall
中都溼地公園 / Jhongdou Wetlands Park
in Kending
stray dogs napping
papaya milk shake / matcha with vanilla ice cream
brunch at Shark Bites Toast
beach at Chateau Resort
Kenting Youth Activity Center (where we stayed the night)
Eluanbi Lighthouse
this little guy followed us around for a bit at the national park
we named him Richard Parker
he was so handsome
Kissing Rock
a service center for weather? I forget now
someone scraped off the 1 in front of the 5
trekking beyond the official southern most point of Taiwan
on the left is the balcony of the 'most southern' point
at Longpan Park--it was so windy up there, I struggled to stand still
(F managed to get this shot of goats though)
Sail Rock
Caesar Park beach
I don't normally seek out beef noodle soup, but this bowl was delicious
love the bokeh on the 35mm ♡♡
main street night market
limited edition strawberry beer, they only produced a few thousand
the colossal titan plushie from Shingeki no Kyojin
handmade milk nougats--I wanted to buy a lot more of these
buying fruity Taiwanese beers
my surname
rice-stuffed chicken drumsticks
fried Oreos
fruity beers for the night

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