Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Museum of Science and Industry

mini Sears tower

It's been a while since I've been touristy in Chicago. I should do it more often, this little trip was fun. These are photos from January 31st.

mini Chicago
train sets
mini Seattle
I took way too many photos of these chicks; there were a ton I cut from posting
I think this was the lively one that would seemingly pose :3
so cute
fun facts about Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) from Star Trek
there were a couple of these screens where there would be some sort of animation
that would 'go around you' in some fashion if you stood in front of the screen and made a shadow
the Aptera
Lonnie Johnson's first prototype for the Super Soaker (top)
CuteCircuit Galaxy Dress
vertical farming
I definitely have a thing for subtly putting myself in photos
mini tornado
lights & prisms
pushing all three wasn't as exciting as I thought it'd be
floating balls
who else played with smaller versions of these things when they were kids?
missed shooting the Tesla Coil when it was on; also missed the liquid nitrogen ice cream demo
aerial view of mini Chicago
posing with a smaller skyline
German U-505 submarine
I don't appreciate the American flag often, but I really liked how it looked here

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