Monday, May 11, 2015

Bits & Pieces #2

29 Jul 2014 | ×

Since starting up school again, I haven't been very active on social media, but I am over at Instagram trying to post daily in honor of my own post-a-photo-everyday attempt with #tokki365. Maybe I'll do weekly recaps here when I make time to post. Blogging just hasn't been a priority for me for so long that, I don't know what I should make posts about.. Also, I haven't had a good overall grasp of the cosmetic world for a few years now, and have lost a lot of my interest in nail polish and some major brands.

On another note, I do feel like the square cropping on the 'gram really takes away from photographs sometimes, so perhaps I'll include photos of how some of them were 'meant to be' and memorialize my posts that way. I had always wanted to do a 365 project one year as I have a terrible tendency not to post regularly, but I've been doing alright for about a [few months] into the new year now. Let's see how long this lasts, shall we?


post script. I immediately regretted taking on the daily posting endeavor after the first few days of the year, but I am trying to keep it up.

4 Sept 2014 | ×
3 Aug 2014 | ×

{ 10 May 2015 -- update: I'm finally finished with finals and will try to post more regularly on the blog now. I believe this post was originally written up sometime in January or early February. }

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