Saturday, September 26, 2015

Contouring with Cover FX

Months ago, back in February actually, I purchased a contour kit from Sephora by Cover FX. I knew Anastasia was planning to release a Fair contour cream palette, but that was only a rumor at the time and I was itching to practice on myself. I bought the one in (P) Light Medium intended "for light to medium skin with pink undertones." Looking back now, I probably should have waited for ABH's release or for the (N) Light version to come back in stock, because the darker contour colors make my skin look like it has a bad spray tan.

Cover FX Cream Contour Kit in (P) Light Medium & Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Villain

I tried to fix the coloring in the above photo so the cream colors appear more accurate to life, but it made the mostly white background fabric look kind of yellow. Typically, I don't like to post shots of products that have been used.. as you can see, cream products tend to look kind of gross even after a lot of wiping down dirty edges.


Now, there are a few more firsts for me in this post. Originally, I never intended to post about this cream contour kit since it was mainly just for personal practice. But I might enjoy seeing my progression in a year's time, so I am including photos of my bare face, with and without contouring. Fair warning, I don't have my eyebrows shaped or filled in, am not wearing any eye makeup, applied my lipstick quite shoddily, and all of my annoying imperfections are now out here for the world to see. Also, the only editing I did to my face photos was resize them so that the differences could be seen more obviously.

contour+lipstick | bare face | contour+lipstick

What are your thoughts on heavy contouring trend? Do you do it yourself? Do you prefer cream or powder products to do it? Personally, I find it rather fun, it's kind of like real-life Photoshop that give the illusions of slimming the face and hiding little blemishes.