Friday, October 9, 2015

October Challenges

September favorites | ×

For this first week of October, I've attempted to participate in two challenges thought up by a few Instagram pages. It's been a bit intense in trying to keep up with them alongside my daily #tokki365 project.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks in Queen Supreme+Blow Pony | ×

If you're interested in participating in either challenge, the Lip Swatch one is here, and the Spence & Sparrow one is here. Each day of October has a theme, and you're free to incorporate it in any way. Of course it is implied that for the Lip Swatch challenge, it is a photo of your lips incorporating the theme for the day.

(stained) black lips using OCC Tarred Lip Tar+Mirrorball glitter | ×
all about Kat Von D Beauty (I tried to take this shot with my light only hitting the "Light" on the contour palette) | ×
green lips using Sugarpill Clickbait on the lips (faux septum from Lotus & Co) | ×
favorite eyeshadow palette | ×
purple lips using OCC Lip Tars in NSFW+Rx+Feathered | ×
neon lips using Sugarpill ElektroCutes×
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ghostly lips | ×
Breast Cancer Awareness (pink) → full lip look here
the Inventor & Ice Angel from the Sugarpill x Edward Scissorhands Collection | ×