Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sugarpill Feline Fancy Collection

eyeshadow palette & cute packaging art by Brandi Milne from the Feline Fancy collection

Back in February, Sugarpill released their limited edition Valentine's collection called Feline Fancy! It includes a 4-pan eyeshadow palette, a "deep metallic oxblood red" liquid lipstick, with adorable themed artwork by Brandi Milne. Review and more swatches after the cut.

The entire collection retails at 48$ and is so versatile! I will say however, that the pans feel rather shallow. If you take a look at a few of the colors (Text Me), it's a little disappointing that you can almost see the bottom of the pan at the top two corners. I do find myself having more fallout in the pans when using brushes that are less dense (most blending brushes). Overall, the shades are very blendable and I would've bought this collection even if it wasn't sent via PR. 
  • S.W.A.K → a pearly light pink that has a golden duochrome shift to it
    • it is a beautiful soft wash of color on its own, a pretty brow or cheek highlight, or a lip topper
    • sometimes this shade will lean orange on me by itself or with lighter colors
  • Wink → a light, champagne color that's great as a inner corner shade or a soft, natural looking cheek highlight
  • Text Me → a soft, warm brown that is the only matte shade in the collection
    • I've tried this shade both on the lid and as a cheek contour. It's not too pigmented which I wasn't at a fan of at first, but this aspect has been crucial in working with it as a transitional shade or contour color
  • Kiss Kiss → a bright metallic red
    • this was my least favorite shade (just on a personal level) as I usually go for more matte reds than foiled ones
  • Strange Love → a perfect darker-leaning red metallic liquid lipstick that's creamsicle scented
    • I found this shade to wear very comfortably (both on brows and lips!), very similarly to Sugarpill's Pumpkin Spice liquid lipstick.

Δ Products used:
  • Sugarpill Cosmetics ✦ Feline Fancy collection
    • Strange Love (on brow)
      • also on the lips with S.W.A.K and Wink eyeshadows on top
    • Text Me (on cheeks)
    • Kiss Kiss (around both lash lines)
    • Wink (towards inner corner)
    • S.W.A.K (in the crease area+)
  • Kat Von D Beauty 
    • Trooper Tattoo Liner
    • Neruda Ink Liner
  • Lena Lashes in Tia (synthetic)
  • Urban Decay Perversion eyeliner 
  • NARS Creamy Concealer in Vanilla
  • Powder Room D wig
  • Love septum clicker from Lotus & Co {use non-affiliate code "LoveLotus" for a discount at checkout}
macro of the eyeshadows
palette swatches on Charlie's arm
lip swatch of Strange Love liquid lipstick
lash focus
lip macro of Strange Love, S.W.A.K+Wink eyeshadows on top
Strange Love lipstick
another eye look
  • Sugarpill Pumpkin Spice liquid lipstick (on brow)
    • Strange Love liquid lipstick as eyeliner
    • Wink in the inner corner
    • Kiss Kiss on lower lashline
    • S.W.A.K and Text Me blended on the lid
  • custom lashes with (halved) Sugarpill Fortress and red Ardell Demi Wispies
complimentary balancing pic brought to you by #thingson_Hazelshead
Disclaimer: I received the Sugarpill Feline Fancy collection gratis and was/am not compensated to promote or positively review the products. As a reminder, any and all commentary associated with gratis items will have a disclosure and remain truthful to my personal experience with them (whether they are positive or negative). Although I am incredibly grateful to be given the opportunity of receiving free makeup, I will constantly strive to keep my opinions objective, no matter how I've obtained the products.