Saturday, May 13, 2017


Hellatronic ElektroCute pigment and Shiver Pretty Poison lipstick
Sugarpill released 4 dark shade extensions to their Pretty Poison lipstick line and this post will be focusing on Shiver, a metallic blue. Ever since I missed out on Melt's original DGAF blue lipstick, I'd been itching for a similar tube replacement.

I've trialed Melt's original DGAF, and Shiver is a much different shade to me. It's more like Melt's current DoGAF iridescent lipstick (which I personally don't enjoy). Shiver tends to look more matte when there's less reflection from a light source. It's not too opaque and needs at least 3-4 passes before it gets to the opacity I like. An initial application tugs strongly, so it needs some warmth (from body heat) to apply better.

Δ Products used:
  • Sugarpill Cosmetics
    • Pretty Poison lipstick in Shiver
    • Hellatronic ElektroCute neon pigment
  • Kat Von D Beauty
    • Trooper Tattoo Liner
    • Metal Matte palette [Silk, Ribbon, Velour]
  • Lashes by Lena
    • Tia synthetics
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills
    • Taupe Brow Wiz
    • Master Palette by Mario [Lula]
    • Fawn (contour)
  • Tarte Cosmetics
    • Unstoppable blush
unedited {image has only been resized}
lip macro
Shiver wears like a typical tube lipstick. Most of the wear comes from the inner parts of the lips and it stays put for a few hours before wear becomes more apparent. I'm not the biggest fan of the application. It's less creamy than its brighter counterparts in the Pretty Poison collection (like Girl Crush or Nurse). Generally, I like to line my lips with a pencil or a KVD lip liner before applying Shiver.

There are light blue micro-glitters spaced throughout the tube, but they're very subtle. You'd have to be an inch close to see where they are at the right angle, and the metallic sheen of the formula stands out more overall.

I like Shiver, but not on its own. And my search for a creamy, opaque, deep blue (tube) lipstick continues.

Disclaimer: Despite the focus of this review, I received all four Sugarpill black edition lipstick shade extensions from the Pretty Poison collection gratis and was/am not compensated to promote or positively review them. As a reminder, any and all commentary associated with PR items remain truthful to my individual experience with them. Although I am incredibly grateful to Sugarpill Cosmetics, I constantly strive to keep my opinions objective+transparent.