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Disclaimer / Disclosure
Any product that is reviewed, swatched, or mentioned in my posts has been purchased by me for MU-tokki (makeup bunny) unless stated otherwise. Some posts may contain affiliate links. Be mindful that all reviews and opinions on this blog remain truthful to my personal, individual experience with products. Also, for any product that is reviewed which was not purchased myself will have a disclosure somewhere in the post—likely at the end—stating whether it received gratis or sponsored in any way.

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A lot of time and effort goes into taking original photos of products, swatches, and looks for this blog. Do not hotlink my images or copy & paste any of my content to other websites, especially for your own personal gain. Almost all images posted on MU-tokki are taken and owned by me, and these images may only be used elsewhere with my expressed permission. My images are not stock, and I will likely allow re-posting—given that there is proper credit and sourcing back to this site, and/or the specific post you are using my photo(s) from. Please respect my work as a content creator.